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You will always be our Sunshine.Aubrey

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Melody Sunshine Corona who was born in Texas San Antonio on December 10, 1990 and passed away on June 20, 2008 at the age of 17. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Latest Memories
You were so beautiful as a child.  You were the light of many hearts.  You were the light of your moms.  When your mom went to heaven, the light was gone.  We all tried to find that light again but you kept in the dark.  Now you are gone and the light is gone forever.  I hope you found the light when you crossed over.  You deserve to be at peace now. 
there's too many memories and special moments i had with you mel to name just one but in every one of them i was happy bc i was with you. no one has ever made me happier or feel loved..you were my angel that God called back to heaven bc He missed you.
i remember how happy she was all the time she was always there for me when i needed her my big sister
Aubrey Palomo
i so remember  many times we had together. all the trouble we would get into with my parents! hehe. thoose were good times. Espeacially when the Mall trips.
Latest Condolences
Tony Lara finding the sun shine within May 1, 2011
Even though we were friends for a breif time. You remind me of what a real frieind really means. I have and allways will cherish the friendship we had. 3 years has passed and I'm living in a different city ( I had to leave San Antonio when I heard you were gone) I have been coping with the loss ever since. When I hike the Austin hills (something that we plained on doing).  The scenery of the sunshine ,calm winds and lake reminds me of your glowing,down to earth, caring personaltiy . I'm slowly being social again If I ever meet someone and if they have just an ounce of your personaltiy thats when I would know there are real and to cherish their friendship. It's been a pleasure knowing you. I miss you
Your friend

Aunt Debbie Sunshine Smiles June 28, 2008
My precious niece is with my precious sister-n-law her Mommie Barbie. I will miss her and keep her memories alive forever. I remember the time I bought her a smiley neon light and she was so happy. It was bright with a smile like hers full of warmth and love. I loved you so much and will see you in heaven and then we can bulid the realtionship I so wanted here on earth, Bye, Bye Mel I will miss you. Love, Love, Debbie
alex stay strong June 24, 2008
i know this is hard for everyone melody was such a beautiful person and she will be missed we just all need to stay strong and stick togetherand keep her in our prayers
Ricky sOrRy June 23, 2008

sorry for yur cuz aubrey..

i kno she ment a a lot to yu...

wish things would be diff..

but as you say "shes in a better place now"

i LoVe yOu!!!!


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